Welcome to the myDMtools website. We are working on a PHP/MySQL toolset for DMs of OGL based traditional pencil and paper roleplaying games, particularly those based on the System Reference Documant (SRD) v 3.5 from Wizards of the Coast.

Lots of dungeon master tools are available for Windows and a few for Macintosh, and even Palm and Pocket PC, but I've yet to come across any tools beyond XP calculators and name generators that I could use on Linux, let alone any web based tools. This PHP/MySQL solution should allow Dungeon Masters and gamers to easily create character sheets, calculate XP, generate names, create calendars for their campaigns and possibly other features without worry about what computer platform they have available to them. A public server could be created which any DM or player could log into from any internet capable terminal, or the database and code could be used and modified in a private server to suit a particular campaign's needs, with additional spells, classes etc. that are specific to the campaign.

Initially myDMtools will consist of a spell search engine and spellbook generator and will expand from there with new services as time permits. Currently I'm in the planning/pre-alpha stage, but there is a working dice roller php script available from the project page.

Demos of the Dice Roller and Spell Search Engine are available online now.

I've also posted a few screenshots so you can see that, yes, I am making some progress. -Rod.

For more info see our SourceForge site